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Applying for the ALGANT Master Programme

The application round for the ALGANT Master Program 2024-2026 starts on 1 November 2023

Students that want to apply for the ALGANT Master Programme have to complete the application form. Below is a list of documents that are required in addition to the form.

Admission criteria

The ideal candidate must possess an academic degree from a program in mathematics lasting a minimum of three years (Bachelor). A thorough proficiency in English is required. For each student a program will be tailored individually, but every student will have to go through two hosting institutions of the consortium.

Applicants should:

Scholarships and tuition fees

The tuition fee for the ALGANT Master programme is €4000,- a year. The ALGANT consortium offers different kind of scholarships based on academic merit.

Students that need help to cover the tuition fees, can apply for the ALGANT Excellence Scholarship programme (ALExS).

Mobility schemes

Students in the ALGANT Master Programme, study in, at least, 2 partner Universities, in 2 different countries. In the application form, you can indicate your preferred mobility path and whether you are flexible with your mobility. Please note that some scholarships impose mobility restrictions, the consortium might offer you a scholarship based on a particular mobility path.

Application procedure

Applicants must register at the application website, fill in the application form and upload the following required documents:

In the application form the applicant should indicate e-mail addresses of at least one, preferably two academic staff members, who will be contacted by us for reference letters.

Proof of a thorough proficiency in written and spoken English, which can be an internationally recognized English language test, or proof of an English taught Bachelor programme. The consortium or host university will decide whether your proof of English proficiency is sufficient. For the case of Leiden University, see their requirements.

In individual cases the consortium’s commission will decide whether any exceptional circumstances, compensations or alternatives should allow for deviation from the admission criteria above, or for the absence of some of the documents required.

Selection process

The consortium’s commission reviews all applications to the ALGANT course, and selects those applicants to whom scholarships will be offered, based on academic merit, motivation, recommendations and chances of success in the program. The selection process takes place early enough to allow for notification of final decision at least four months before courses start. Admission is final only when students have obtained the necessary visas, permits and insurance policies (the consortium will help with these procedures).

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