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The 2015 application has been closed. .

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Applying for the ALGANT Doctoral scholarship

There are no projects advertised for 2016.

Information for candidates

The ALGANT Joint Doctorate program is open to graduating or graduated students in Mathematics from all over the world, with a speciality in Algebra, Geometry or Number Theory, or a closely related field.

Every doctoral candidate will have to work on a research project under joint supervision at a minimum of two different institutions of the consortium.

Doctoral candidates interested in applying have to complete the application form.

Admission criteria

The ideal candidate must possess an academic degree from a program in mathematics lasting a minimum of five years (Master), with a special interest in Algebra, Geometry or Number Theory or a related field. A thorough proficiency in English is required.

Application procedure

Applicants are invited to submit a complete application, containing details on their research project.The application is submitted online on our application site. Candidates may select one of the research projects posted on the ALGANT web site to apply with. Nevertheless, candidates have the possibility to suggest their own research project. In this case, they should indicate what could be the different partner institutions and who could be the possible advisors.

Selection process

The ALGANT-DOC commission will select the best candidates and the best projects submitted by the application deadline. It is expected that candidates will be in a position to start working on the project at the beginning of the next academic year. After the selection, a doctoral committee will be in charge of monitoring the candidate's work.

Doctoral candidate agreement

A Doctoral candidate agreement will be completed and signed upon admission of the candidate into the program in which the supervision, mobility and research goals are indicated.

Information for advisors

If you want to supervise an ALGANT joint doctoral thesis, please contact the ALGANT team.