The 2013 selection is open. The closing dates are January 5, 2014 for the pre-application, and February 5, 2014 for the application

Fundamental research in pure and applied sciences is a driving force for innovation and it encourages curiosity. [...] No country can excel in fundamental research on its own - it requires collaboration between universities and research centers in the north and in the south, and in almost all cases fundamental research is undertaken by teams of international scientists and engineers.1

The ALGANT-DOC doctoral program, set up by the ALGANT consortium, is a collaborative scheme creating ideal conditions for the production of high level research in pure mathematics, leading to a double and/or joint doctor degree, prepared under joint supervision at a minimum of two partner institutions. With ALGANT-DOC, the doctoral candidates will acquire the expertise and skills needed to pursue a career at the highest academic level.

ALGANT-DOC is among the 13 joint doctoral programs, which have been selected in 2009 by the European Commission (out of 135 applications), in the frame of the second phase of the Erasmus Mundus program.

This recognition allows us to offer 6 fellowships for Category A and 3 for Category B ALGANT Joint Doctorate candidates.

The consortium publishes research projects suggestions, to be carried out at least at two partner universities. Candidates may also, submit their own research project proposal, but must make contact with potential supervisors before applying to the program.

Those interested to participate in ALGANT-DOC are requested to wait for the next pre-application and application rounds, which will be announced after October 2013.

Thirty seven ALGANT Ph.D. Projects have been started since 2010, some of them are defended by now.

1 Innovation and society (a report by Goolam Mohamedbhai), G8-UNESCO World Forum on Education, Research and Innovation: New Partnership for Sustainable Development (Trieste, Italy, 10-12 May 2007).